Saturday, October 06, 2012

NEW WORKSHOP Jan 13th-27th 2013

We’re back! Wondering what happened to the year.
Following Don McKay and Marlene Creates’ wonderful turning of words into precious poems in January 2012, and later a hectic summer, Los Parronales is delighted to announce a NEW retreat.
Jumping the Frog: A Workshop in Inventive Writing,
led by John Steffler and Susan Gillis. Jan 13th – 27th 2013
This workshop, will explore approaches to imaginative writing in poetry and short prose forms. Participants will read and discuss each other’s work during morning sessions, which may also include short readings, warm-ups, optional writing prompts and general discussions of technique. Afternoons will be available for writing, revision, and scheduled consultation with the workshop facilitators.
Things are changing fast in El Noviciado with the appearance of industrial estates, more housing and a village bypass – but we’re still near the airport, the grapes are growing and in January 2013 we know the sun will shine, the  quelthue swoop and the pool beckon.
Email Susan Siddeley for full details.


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